Thursday, August 20, 2009

my 1st post since in enter IPGM Temenggung Ibrahim

Took it during orientation week, (13-17 July)

i am still the same Momo from Tabuan Jaya...
it's my a month time settled down in IPTI Temenggung Ibrahim.
my life is so hectic and busy~
i having a terrible homesick!
i miss Kampua and Siao Bee! as well as my parents and the church in kuching...
i miss my friends too!
thanks God that through the peace and strength that God gave me,
i able to go these far~
He did accompany me, all the time...
i am blessed with a good roommate and a best friend~ both hailed from Perak!
i am very lucky to have many good classmates too...
they are like my sisters!
About my hostel, it is not bad at all...
clean, safe and hygiene..
more stories,
please keep in touch with me!

Friday, July 10, 2009

tonight is fun

Me and Yian Ming!

Me with Veronin!

I had my last gathering with the besties tonight at Kado!
but Doris, Chin Chin and Baozhi failed to attend the 'event', miss you girls~
With us, there were Alvin Chin, Perry, Cheng Yang, Yian Ming and Veronin.
Suk Ying and her hubby came to join us around 8.00pm~
Her hubby is a very good person, personally, i am quite enjoy myself while chatting with him. He is very down-to-earth.
Well, it was a beautiful night for me, before i leave my hometown!
Thanks Besties...

Monday, July 6, 2009

we will meet again

this morning, it was quite windy~
my didi was going to Miri for working.
after i sent him to airport,
i gave him a hug,
he replied me with a kiss,
i knew,
we will only meet each other in the future 3 or 4 months,
as i am going to West Malaysia soon.
i knew, it's my time for independence,
when i go there~
Didi, i am so missing you!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

my last day in Form Six

today is my last day in Form Six!
i went to school to pass my 're-sign' letter to the school authorities as well as to certify my certificates, so i went to school around 6.35 am.
when i entered my lovely Lower Sixth Beta class,
i felt so warm,
i really don't know, why i had such a feeling!
maybe i had adopted the envoronment of that class or because of the goodness of friends i had?!
i know not.
but i can sure that,
my heart is in SMK DPHA Gapor and Kuching, espeacially.


i SHOOK hands with the classmates and some old besties,
though i didn't cry it out,
but the sadness were there...
it had proved that my friends had being a part of my life~

No matter what is going on,
dear friends of mine, espeacially to those who is doing Form Six,


To my fellow besties,
who are going to fight for the STPM,

Guys, since you had chose to do Biology, keep the spirits and of course, endure to the end in what you think i might help you in your future.
Then, i know, i believe that you guys will enter university soon,
as your left leg have enter the gate of university
your right leg is in Lower Six Beta~
so, let's move both of your legs to step into the the main areas of the university, ok!
our future, is now in you guys' hands!


Tuesday, June 30, 2009

some writings before moving~

Some writings before moving!

5 Alpha of 2008 is so blessed!

Although, we aren't that clever and perfect if compared to the Alphas of previous years in the field of academic results.
But, we satisfied!
There are future teachers, doctors, pharmacist, nurse, accountants, business lady/man, scientists, Quantities surveyor and many ENGINEERS and other professionals~
we have it, in our former 5 alpha!
Yea, we are a part of the nation's pride!
Thanks God for guiding us~
for led us to work in the right paths~
The bitterness and difficulties during our Form 4 and Form 5 were worth!

So worth! it returns us a chance to enter universities , higher instituitions and college,

some of our friends even got scholarships from government as well as private sectors.
our life becomes smoothier! indeed!

Thank God.
The moment that we, Alphans had went through together, really impressed my soul.
I still remembered the time
when we worked so hard for SPM and all kind of tests...
Many pandas were stuyding for the exams, seriously, in the morning.
To the juniors, please keep the spirit and study smart!

some Faces of Alpha's 2008

From letf, Suli, she will be our future doctor. She will enter medical college in the 1st of July. Bernadine, she is a nursing student. An IJN scholarship student.

He is Royston, going to be engineer soon. JPA scholarship's holder.
He is doctor-to-be Pek Wei Tern!

She is Kaiyen! Our serious but kind-hearted teacher-to-be!

Mr YeeHoo, our friend for UTP, Tronoh, Perak~ He is an engineer-to-be! as well as a Kaki Badminton!

On my left, veronin is currently studying foundation in business!

Sukying~ a serious teacher to be!

Sweet Chin Chin, she will remain in Form Six! But i know, we will hear her news from universities too~
Starting from left, we have Doris, then follow by Bernadine and Sukying... Doris, same with Chin Chin, they will stick to Form 6 and enter University soon.
Andrew Chai is the person who stood beside me! He is currently doing A-Level, i know, he will going to oversea very soon. God bless you, Andrew.
Never ever forget Perry and Ming Huan!
Ehem~ Yian Ming, i know him since we were in primary one!
Next to Andrew will be Shyh Ning... Shyh Ning looked so young in this photo. She will going to IPGM Sarawak, Miri to be a teacher soon.

She's Wendy! Currently, she is studying in Lim Kok Wing's~

He is Sebastian! now, he is studying in Monash University, KL, under the scholarship of JPA.

There are some names i didn't mention here, as the times didn't allow me to upload many pictures and jot down the comments of mine, for every single person of the class. I completed this post in the last minute. Anyway, the wishes are still be with you guys...
let's be Gambateh and be well in the future!


Just now, around 12.30 am, i didn't sleep.
I just waited in front of my brother's PC to print out the offer letters to IPGM Temenggung Ibrahim.
Yea, everythings ran smoothly.
I had printed mine and also helped Shyh Ning as well.
I felt so sad and a lilttle bit of miseries,
after knowing that i need to register in that Institution before 13th of July.So rush!
We were needed to prepare everythings in a week time.
It'll including the medical check-up procedures, sending confirmation letters to two departments and doing shopping.
Don't know why, suddenly, i think of my family and friends.
I really going to miss them.
I don't dare to think the feeling of after going back from Church in JB,the moment when i get sick and etc...
Anyway, i know,
i need to do so,
it's for my future!
My friends, Bernadine, Suli, Kaiyen, Kang Zhan, Andrew Chai, Dex, Lee Jim, Ming Huan, Shyh Ning, Sukying, Roston, Pek and Sebastian, all of them also study abroad.
So, Kenny, you are not alone!
God be with us~

The front door of my future Campus, Temenggong Ibrahim Teacher's Training Instituition, Johor Bahru.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ah Lian is now a Missy

Bernadine is one of the ah lian in our class! hehek...
She had flied to KL in this afternoon for her Nursing course in IJN!
I miss this friend so much!
We will meet each other soon.
Friendship forever~

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My days with 5 ALpha~

My days with 5 ALpha~