Thursday, August 20, 2009

my 1st post since in enter IPGM Temenggung Ibrahim

Took it during orientation week, (13-17 July)

i am still the same Momo from Tabuan Jaya...
it's my a month time settled down in IPTI Temenggung Ibrahim.
my life is so hectic and busy~
i having a terrible homesick!
i miss Kampua and Siao Bee! as well as my parents and the church in kuching...
i miss my friends too!
thanks God that through the peace and strength that God gave me,
i able to go these far~
He did accompany me, all the time...
i am blessed with a good roommate and a best friend~ both hailed from Perak!
i am very lucky to have many good classmates too...
they are like my sisters!
About my hostel, it is not bad at all...
clean, safe and hygiene..
more stories,
please keep in touch with me!


  1. hey ken ken! hee.. you look so pale le.. and y you tuck in your shirt till like this? so cute la... like humpty dumpty.. hihik! jk la we are stil the same gang from tabuan jaya right? hee meet at c121 oh.. ^^

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My days with 5 ALpha~